pastor & author of "jesus' coming"

pastor & author of "jesus' coming"

pastor & author of "jesus' coming"pastor & author of "jesus' coming"

This norm-breaking book contains everything you need to be ready for Jesus when He comes again

"I was fearful about the second coming of Jesus until I read this book. Now I have peace about it"


(the authors Mom)

"I was able to read through the chapters with ease and received the message very clearly"


(member of the authors Church)

"A great book! It breaks the norm for books about the Second Coming of Jesus!"


(friend and creator of the books video trailer)

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About the book

Days before His death on a cross, Jesus friends and followers were concerned about being caught off guard when He returned to the earth at His second coming, so they asked Him about it. In response, Jesus gave them eight signs, or epic events, that will precede His coming at the end of the age. Then, Jesus comforted His disciples by assuring them these signs are easily identifiable, and totally reliable indicators that His coming is near, right at the door. 

Based on Jesus' own words from Matthew Chapter 24, Jesus' Coming unveils these eight signs and describes them in an easy-to-read format so Christians of every generation can navigate through them and avoid being left behind. 

Available Bible Study

The author is writing a Bible study for each chapter of the book and these are available in eBook format, or as a downloadable PDF file, free of charge. Just follow the link below.